Our range of Very High Frequency (VHF) antennas have been developed to outperform all others. These beautifully designed antennas are also rugged; they’re built to withstand whatever you throw at them. Each VHF antenna is individually tuned and tested to ensure your needs are always met when communicating on the water. Quality marine VHF radios will perform well when matched with our marine antennas. 


Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a marine tracking system used to identify and locate vessels by electronically exchanging data with nearby vessels. Data is transmitted with a higher frequency than standard marine VHF, making a dedicated AIS antenna a necessity to ensure maximum performance and safety of yourself and others at sea.


Pacific Aerials’ range of Pentaband cellular antennas are designed to provide outstanding performance and coverage across all cellular bands, including 700-800-900-1800/1900-2100MHz. You can change your provider without changing your antenna.


HF/SSB antennas need to be connected to an antenna’s tuner via a high-voltage insulator. It is extremely important that the mounting system radiates effectively. We recommend using the longest antenna possible and to consult an experienced HF radio installer if you have any doubts about the installation procedure, as a high degree of technical ability is required.


Choose from our range of AM/FM antennas to achieve outstanding performance while listening to your favourite radio station on the water. Like all antennas, height above water and an all round clear view is essential for good coverage. If you have nowhere to mount a dedicated AM/FM antenna, consider a VHF/AM/FM splitter, which won’t interfere with your your VHF antenna.


Marine terrestrial TV antennas have to be omni-directional because a boat underway or swinging at anchor is constantly changing its position affecting its bearing to the transmitter. Pacific Aerials’ amplified TV antenna is digital ready and will make the most of a weak signal. But it won’t magically create a signal if none is present.


We have a proud boating tradition in New Zealand. We’re an island nation after all. The ocean has been
our primary playground for as long as we can remember.

Because of this we’re known globally for our prowess on the big blue, with everything from boat design and building to winning the America’s Cup…and of course our world renowned antennas. For a little nation like ours, that’s called “punching above your weight.” 


Whilst your vehicle’s antenna isn’t seen as a sexy purchase – although ours are definitely the world’s best looking models – it’s the one purchase you should never skimp on, because you rely on your communications going the distance.

Pacific Aerials’ land antennas are developed expressly for the off-road environment, so we ensure they’re robust, to handle all external conditions. But it’s the technology that’s on the inside that counts, and sets us apart from everybody else.


Just as Voice dominated electronic communications for decades, data has taken over as a dominant power source in this field. 

Everything from public utilities to personal computers and home appliances is connected to a communications network. They all rely on data transfer to function properly. Remote monitoring and data management is the future of data, especially with the Internet of Things.

Pacific Aerials has a full range of antennas available for metering and control applications in the electricity, water and effluent industries. If something needs monitoring we can help!