Very High Frequency (VHF) is the designated radio frequency in the 30MHZ to 300MHz range. It’s widely used for FM radio broadcasting, two-way land mobile communications, long range data communications, radio modems, amateur radio and marine communications. VHF is less affected by atmospheric noise and buildings, making it ideal for indoor use. But hilly terrain can hinder its use.


Ultra High Frequency (UHF) is the designated radio frequency in the 300MHz to 3GHz range. It’s used for TV broadcasting, cellular phones, satellite communications including GPS, and personal radio services including wifi and Bluetooth. Radio waves propagate mainly by line of sight and like VHF are blocked by hills and large mountains. But transmission through building walls is strong enough for indoor reception.


Our antennas covers 700-800-900-1800/1900-2100MHz, and we also have dedicated antennas at 800MHz and 900MHz. Our range of vehicle cellular antennas suit most requirements and can be mounted in various points on a vehicle. Best performance is achieved by mounting the antenna in the centre of a vehicle’s roof with a clear all round view.


Our range of converters are designed to run mobile two way communications in the most demanding of environments. Our small and compact units are easy to install and provide proven reliability. They’re available with optional memory/keep alive functions.


New Zealand’s CB operates at 26.5MHz, making a full wavelength antenna more than 11 metres long. That’s too long to attach to your bumper! We offer a range of antennas that are a fraction of a wavelength; 1/2w, 5/8w, and 1/4w are all common wavelengths for antennas. UHFCB is more commonly known as PRS or 477MHz.