Just as Voice dominated electronic communications for decades, data has taken over as a dominant power source in this field. 

Everything from public utilities to personal computers and home appliances is connected to a communications network. They all rely on data transfer to function properly. Remote monitoring and data management is the future of data, especially with the Internet of Things.

Pacific Aerials has a full range of antennas available for metering and control applications in the electricity, water and effluent industries. If something needs monitoring we can help!

Nearly a household term, the Internet of Things (IOT) refers to connecting any device that has an on and off switch to the Internet. IOT is a giant network of connected “things”. The relationship can be between people, people and things, and things to things. It can be applied to things like connected homes, transportation networks and “smart cities” that help reduce waste and improve efficiencies.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) refers to a computer system that monitors and controls a process. With the transmission and distribution elements of electrical utilities, SCADA will monitor substations, transformers and other electrical assets.


As its name suggests, this is the monitoring of operational activities through the use of remote devices such as monitors and probes. If it can be monitored we have the hardware to make it happen.


The use of external antennas on household meter boxes in New Zealand has been a reality for many years. When you are living in a remote area, or a poor coverage area the antenna enables a more accurate reading of power and gas. Talk to us about choosing the right antennas to enhance your meters.


As our cities become Smart, we’ll see more and more antennas on appliances like lightposts. External antennas will keep us connected in poor coverage areas. And high-mounted antennas will see and talk to meters on the ground, as well as do things like control lights and direct you to available parking spaces. The future is fun and exciting because the applications are almost limitless. Talk to us about the future.

  • Pacific Aerials have been very helpful and going out of their way to help identify the best possible solutions for our requirements. Always friendly and supportive and quick to advise of any issues with possible solutions”. Thank you very much for all your help to the team at Pacific Aerials.
    Ryan Bailey - Logistics Manager
  • Pacific Aerials manufacture a great range of marine products that suit our business perfectly. They offer premium quality products at competitive prices and back them up with knowledgeable and friendly service.
    Scott Gladding - National Product Manager
  • We are very happy to recommend Pacific Aerials, as they supply all our Antennas for Uniden Radios – both UHF - Land Based & VHF - Marine. They have a great range of models to cover all situations. Being NZ made offers fast turnaround of orders to keep our customers happy.
    Terry Becroft - Sales Manager