Whilst your vehicle’s antenna isn’t seen as a sexy purchase – although ours are definitely the world’s best looking models – it’s the one purchase you should never skimp on, because you rely on your communications going the distance.

Pacific Aerials’ land antennas are developed expressly for the off-road environment, so we ensure they’re robust, to handle all external conditions. But it’s the technology that’s on the inside that counts, and sets us apart from everybody else.

When you’re on the water, a crucial tool to help you communicate with other vessels and land, and stay safe, is your marine antenna. These may not be the sexiest purchase – although ours are pretty – but it’s something you should never skimp on. With Pacific Aerials’ antennas, it’s the innovative technology that’s on the inside that sets us apart from all others. All our knowledge and experience is wrapped up in every one of our antennas to ensure you have reliable communications that go the distance.  

All our antennas and accessories are designed, engineered, manufactured and individually tuned and tested in Auckland, New Zealand, where we have some of the world’s harshest marine and weather conditions. We have never outsourced any of our work or used inferior componentry, and never will. That’s because lives are on the line. Hundreds of thousands of boaties around the globe have confidence in our products and rely on us to stay in touch with their world. You can too. When you buy Pacific Aerials antennas you know you’re in safe hands. 

Very High Frequency (VHF) is the designated radio frequency in the 30MHZ to 300MHz range. It’s widely used for FM radio broadcasting, two-way land mobile communications, long range data communications, radio modems, amateur radio and marine communications. VHF is less affected by atmospheric noise and buildings, making it ideal for indoor use. But hilly terrain can hinder its use.

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) is the designated radio frequency in the 300MHz to 3GHz range. It’s used for TV broadcasting, cellular phones, satellite communications including GPS, and personal radio services including wifi and Bluetooth. Radio waves propagate mainly by line of sight and like VHF are blocked by hills and large mountains. But transmission through building walls is strong enough for indoor reception.
Our antennas covers 700-800-900-1800/1900-2100MHz, and we also have dedicated antennas at 800MHz and 900MHz. Our range of vehicle cellular antennas suit most requirements and can be mounted in various points on a vehicle. Best performance is achieved by mounting the antenna in the centre of a vehicle’s roof with a clear all round view.

Our range of converters are designed to run mobile two way communications in the most demanding of environments. Our small and compact units are easy to install and provide proven reliability. They’re available with optional memory/keep alive functions.

New Zealand’s CB operates at 26.5MHz, making a full wavelength antenna more than 11 metres long. That’s too long to attach to your bumper! We offer a range of antennas that are a fraction of a wavelength; 1/2w, 5/8w, and 1/4w are all common wavelengths for antennas. UHFCB is more commonly known as PRS or 477MHz.
  • Pacific Aerials have been very helpful and going out of their way to help identify the best possible solutions for our requirements. Always friendly and supportive and quick to advise of any issues with possible solutions”. Thank you very much for all your help to the team at Pacific Aerials.
    Ryan Bailey - Logistics Manager
  • Pacific Aerials manufacture a great range of marine products that suit our business perfectly. They offer premium quality products at competitive prices and back them up with knowledgeable and friendly service.
    Scott Gladding - National Product Manager
  • We are very happy to recommend Pacific Aerials, as they supply all our Antennas for Uniden Radios – both UHF - Land Based & VHF - Marine. They have a great range of models to cover all situations. Being NZ made offers fast turnaround of orders to keep our customers happy.
    Terry Becroft - Sales Manager